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New: See the contest leaderboard and the dynamic map of CES.

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Fresh from our last contest in New York City, StreetCred will run a contest in Las Vegas for CES from January 8-10, 2019.

StreetCred is building a blockchain-based marketplace for location data, and in advance of a full launch, we're building technology to understand how users interact with data creation. We're also working on some of the hardest problems in mapping, including...

Indoor Mapping

Everything happens indoors at CES, and we'll be encouraging users to collect high-quality place data as they travel around the conference. We're starting with an imported dataset of points of interest, which participants will improve through our app by adding photos and other information.

Here's a preview of what we're building:

How to Play

Download the app for iPhone or Android and sign up for a StreetCred account.

As you travel around the Las Vegas Strip, add photos and improve data for places near you.

The top point earner will win 1,000 USDC tokens each day from January 8-10. Check back on this site for active leaderboards.


In our last event, we gave away Bitcoin. For CES, we'll be offering prizes in the USDC stablecoin. We figured that Las Vegas, home of the casino token, would be an appropriate place to experiment with stablecoins as prizes. If you win, you could convert them to casino tokens and make a big bet!

We will give 1,000 USDC tokens to the top point-earner every day between January 8-10: see our official rules for more details. Check back on this site for dynamic leaderboards and maps once the contest starts.

Visit Us at CES

Come visit our booth in Eureka Park, the startup section of CES. We'll show you how to enter the contest and answer any questions you have about StreetCred. Also, sign up for our newsletter to follow along as we'll announce more soon.

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